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Thread: Personal Abuse

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    Personal Abuse

    When I registered on this forum it was a place where you could get a engaging debate. It was interesting to get an American perspective on issues affecting the World or learning that such a thing as ID exists(it's interesting even though I disagree with the validity of ID as a science).

    Lately though the level of debate has plummeted this is because of the level of personal abuse that posted on some threads. As soon as the personal abuse starts then the thread gets derailed and any value of debate is instantly diminished.

    This is a plea to everyone for sake of good debate to cut out the personal abuse. If someone starts throwing abuse at you on thread just ignore it and report the offending post.
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    Yes please report offensive post and please don't respond to them in kind.

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    I had an idea a while ago just to make something that people can put in their sigs; something along the lines of "This post has been designed do be considerate. If this post offends you, please flag it as such".

    Don't think it would have worked. As such; consider this thread *signed*. IMO, t'would be great if we could get as many people as possible to *sign* in this thread - to agree not just to uphold the TOC of the forum, but to act in a civil manner above and beyond. Good examples springing to mind so far - Phyliss, Flyboy, Jo Bennet, Unkerpaulie.

    Just my little idea.
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    Obviously you fellas have been reading the abortion threads.

    I'm sorry if my responses to his postings have only served to fan flames. It was hard to ignore such personal, misogynistic remarks. I did ignore the last ones though

    I will do as requested by you all in future and ignore, flag or report.

    Thanks admin for deleting the first offensive post.
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    Go back to Scotland, Limey! Just kidding! You are 100% correct!
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    I agree...

    However, I think that other people should also be responsible for reporting abusive threats. Too many people leave other people to do it, and those people never do it, leaving it to the other people that left it to them, and then everyone is upset when the board when/if the Thread is shut down.

    I think that someone should be counted upon to do something about this. It then shuts down upon the number of people that complain about it.

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    Every one should feel responsible for reporting abusive threats. It then shuts down upon the number of people that complain about abusive threats.

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