What is political correctness? Why do we have it? And why do so many people suffer ruthless attacks and public humiliations because of a failure to use it?

In my view, political correctness was a concept thought up as an excuse to attack certain people whose political opinions differ from the attacker. It is an invention designed to ensure that some people are despised and others are held in high regard.

The guideline of political correctness is designed to make some people look bad.

The first thing you noticed is that it's not enforced. There are no rules or limitations as to what one giving a speech could say. If a politician wanted to, he/she could get on stage and make racist comments about black people. But for every action there is a consequence, and all a person has to do is say "black people" rather than "African-Americans", and they are subtly made out to be racists. On some stronger comments, such as Vice-president Cheney's comment on West Virginians and inbreeding, the media goes beyond subtle implications, and clearly states accusations of bigotry.

Of course, I don't condone racism, and neither does the political correct crowd. But their idea of racism extends much further than mine does. Now it seems that anything bad you do to a black person (regardless of wether or not you would do it to a white person under the same circumstances) is an act of racism. Many people asked me if I didn't want to vote for Obama because I was racist. It seems they thought that anyone who didn't want to vote for Obama was racist, though I don't want to vote for him because I disagree with his economical ideas and his plans for Iraq.

I would go so far as to say that Obama's winning the election because he's black. Just go to the poll booth and vote. You see these 18 year olds, and you ask them why they want to vote for Obama. Most of the times I asked this, they said "Everyone else is voting for the black guy". This is a stupid, illogical reason to vote for someone, and is highly indicitive of the narcissist thinking of America. People want to be able to tell their grandkids "I voted for the first black president", and they would probably omit the disasters caused by him, or at least affected by him.

Of course, my point in this argument isn't the affects Obama would have. My point is that you can't vote for Obama because he's black, and just because a white cop arrests a black drug dealer doesn't mean he's racist.