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Thread: A new kind of garden...

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    A new kind of garden...

    After passing this yard several times and seeing what I thought to be some sort of flower scattered widely throughout the yard, I stopped for some close up photos. The dew on the "flowers" in the early morning had caught my attention and initiated some pondering about what they could be.

    I was surprised to find that each "flower" is actually a web, spun like a funnel coming out of the ground...and each has a resident spider such as the one in the bottom photo.

    Being the first I'd seen of this king of "spider town", I just had to share and ask the experts what kind of spider would do a thing like that?

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    Internet says: Grass Spider

    In Australia spiders dont generally weave those sorts of webs, they generally just wait in boots or under bedclothes, since their deadly venoms allow them to kill much larger prey that doesn't need to be webbed, and then they consume a single corpse over the course of several months, laying eggs inside its rotting body.
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