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Thread: True communism- tried and found wanting!

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    Condolences too. What a happy coincidence that you should log on to this site a mere 6 hours after a passing troll registers here and attacks Sep's two years old post. I'm confident you'll be able to quickly pick up the skills in order to defend your dead brother's reputation, and indeed establish one of your own. Welcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CUNxTime View Post
    Hey there, I've really never done any of these argument sites but my brother, Cunxtime (or Sep to the rest of us) really enjoyed it. He may have been many things but ignorant wasn't one of them. It cool though that a lot of his thoughts are here on this site. He talked a lot about his discussions. I'm going to try to figure out how this works and make an's weird enough using his old computer. Give me a while to read through these old comments and I'll take a shot at defending him...certainly not as well as he would but still I can't have someone insulting my dead brother.
    My condolences on your lost. Your brother had a keen mind. We enjoyed his wit as well.
    We hope you stay a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CUNxTime View Post

    ... But I was thinking that there are places where 'true' communism has been practiced for thousands of years. I, of course, am referring to the tribes living in the jungle rainforests in Brazil, Africa, and S. Asia. ...
    Yes, the term communism has many different meanings.

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