Evidently I can't even challenge myself to prove my own claim of "lying" in the "Liar's Corner".

So be it. On recommendation from admin, I put this under the "Challenger's Corner".
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Lumping me in with posters who "NEVER" provide substantiation of their claims is a blatant lie.

I have repeatedly offered substantiation of my statements.

A few examples:
Opening post here:

Sprinkled throughout the thread here are repeated examples of posting evidence of my claim:

Another example:

And this thread involves a conversation between myself and steeeeve on the 9th amendment, in which I provided plenty of "real data to back my claim".

His assessment of me is blatantly false. On that, I see no real dispute.
He has SEEN ME post substantiation of my claims before, on numerous occasions.
I see only the inevitable conclusion of "lying", with the possible exception of some mental condition which caused him to "forget".

Steeeeve, I challenge you to refute my assessment.