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Thread: Where's Santa Claus?

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    Where's Santa Claus?

    Click here to view a picture from Santa

    Hi, This is Chuck, SANTA'S computer Elf First Class. Have you been GOOD this year?

    CLICK on one of the links BELOW (makes sure the volume is turned on first). Remember its a long way to the North Pole so give us a couple of minutes. I hope Santa's not using the line. He keeps it pretty busy this time of year you know.

    1.===> Santa Claus Parade Video

    2.===> Track Santa (Updated everyday starting 12/1/2007)

    3.===> Santa's Control Website

    4.===> Visit Santa's Office at the North Pole

    5.===> Santa Television

    6.===> 2000 Santa Claus Parade Scrapbook

    7.===> 1990 Santa Claus Parade Scrapbook

    8.===> Publish a Letter To Santa Claus in the newspaper

    9.===> Send Santa an E-mail and he'll send you one back

    10.===> E-mail a letter to Santa

    11.===> Santa's Village Park

    12.===> Santa At Santa's Village Park
    GOD'S Servant,
    (AKA God's Cowboy,
    Christ's Little Brother,
    The Karaoke Cowboy)

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    In the nightmares of right wingers.

    I have been good, and I know that the election comes before Christmas, but I was wondering if you could please bring us President Obama and a veto proof Democratic Congress as an early Christmas present.

    Maybe then my friends' mommies and daddies can find jobs and take their homes back from those big, bad bankers.


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