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    A lot of people lose their dogs which they love so much.

    Only problem is you are so incapable of empathizing with others when they are suffering due to your staggering selfishness and self absorbtion. Only concerned about yourself and your feelings and what affects you while you don't give a damn about others .

    Your selfishness is so great that if the same thing happened to some-else you wouldn't give a damn, you wouldn't have any empathy for that person. Too selfish, only what affects you is important.

    What self absorbed natterings, so full of self pity and the usual grandiose dramatics. Grow up .
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    Hi Winston,

    I wish you weren't leaving. I think your voice is needed here (& elsewhere too, I'm sure). The American people need to hear what you have to say. I wish more people would move here to this country, we need to hear a rational, human voice.

    I hope this message gets to you because it seemed a little odd - 'visitor message' vs. 'private message'? I'm not sure what that means?

    Anyway, wishing you the best.


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