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Forum Rules

  • Preamble:
  • The goal of 4forums is to encourage friendly and informative debate. What some people consider stupid or lying we call uninformed or wrong and considered it an opportunity to debate and hopefully educate. Post that are not friendly or informative can be deleted without notification. If this happens often enough, you may be banned.
  • 1. Do not give your name or any personal information that could be used to identify you. Do not request personal information, including age.
  • 2. Please report offensive posts or members. Someone insulting you is not an excuse for insulting them.
  • a) The report post feature is a triangle with a red boarder located in the upper right hand corner of each post.
  • 3. Any posts deemed offensive or self-serving will be deleted or otherwise censored without notice.
  • a) No Personal attacks, insults, name calling, offensive generalizations, or labeling. For example you cannot call someone stupid or ignorant even if itís true.
  • b) Stay on the threads topic, off topic content will be deleted without notice. This includes mistakes, lies or examples of stupidity from other threads. These accusations can be resolved in the Liar's Corner forum.
  • 4. Do not use signatures that are likely it antagonize others.
  • 5. Do not be disruptive. You will be banned if we receive complaints from other posters.
  • a) You are required to be willing to engage in honest debate, which requires reading links and responding to legitimate questions. If not you will be banned.
  • 6. Do not exaggerate, misrepresent or mis-quote other user's post.
  • 7. Bigoted, racist, prejudiced or broad-brushed statements are not allowed.
  • 8. When quoting information please give the source and a link when possible.
  • 9. Every post should add relevant information to the thread.
  • 10. You will be banned for repeatedly posting the same information.
  • 11. You will be banned for spam.
  • 12. Do not make a nuisance of yourself, you will be banned if you require too much of the moderators time.
  • a) On the other hand the debating process can get rough, we try and keep personal attacks out of this forum but it does happen, if you are sensitive to criticisms, ridicule or name calling, do not post here. By posting here you are accepting these risk and agree not to hold this site or its administrators responsible.
  • 13. Do not attempt to impersonate other users, moderators or the admin
  • 14. Do not post accusations of admin or moderator bias. We do not have the time to dispute it. You will be banned. If you believe there is a problem with bias please notify the admin via PM.

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