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  1. We Are Justified By Faith/Faith and Works
  2. There Is One Baptism/Are Three Baptisms For Us Today
  3. There Is One Gospel/Four Gospels In The New Testament
  4. We Are Members of the Body/Bride of Christ.
  5. Easter Story
  6. The Smoking Gun: Matthew 21:5
  7. My editorial on religious hate for past 1,000 years: gender sexual orientation race
  8. According to Holy Scriptures Who, and What Is GOD/John 4:24, Titus 2:1
  9. The word of GOD is a road map that leads to GOD
  10. Failed Biblical Prophecy
  11. (The bible,)
  12. (Jesus the Christ.)
  13. I' am Interested In Knowing The Truth of The Record/Birth of Jesus Christ /
  14. Regarding Salvatin....
  15. (The end times,just what does that mean???)
  16. The rule of Baasha
  17. Bible is Anti-Capitalist?
  18. how long was jesus dead?
  19. Human error in the Bible
  20. I had to laugh at this.
  21. did god create the 7-day week?
  22. The Gods
  23. There is no proof that Jesus existed.
  24. An Open Deist Challenge to Christians
  25. The Sun Darkened.
  26. Faith
  27. Common Atheist Myths
  28. Whatsoever a Man Soweth...
  29. Are Christians Hypocrites?
  30. Adam And Eve... Really?
  31. The Bible: As Relevant (and Misunderstood) as Ever
  32. New Testament "Contradictions"
  33. New testament now proven !