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  1. Creating a poll
  2. Poll - Belief in God
  3. Jessica Lynch a Hero?
  4. Capitalism vs. Communism
  5. Palestinian state?
  6. Ted Kennedy's comments on Iraqi prison abuse
  7. Tactical media. Deportation Class
  8. US Election 2004. How would you vote?
  9. Religion in Schools?
  10. For or Against Gay Marriage
  11. The pledge
  12. Al Quaida wants Kerry or Bush?
  13. Both Bush and Kerry are bad candidates
  14. Will your vote change anything?
  15. Canada = 51st state?
  16. Poll: Should victimless crimes be legal?
  17. Is the two-party system good?
  18. Mark Dayton
  19. Will Demoncrats go hell?
  20. Baseball Drug Testing
  21. Should we have school uniform? (ages 10-18 answer please)
  22. Sucide
  23. 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
  24. Is War in Africa Inevitable?
  25. Why not computer neutral redistricting in all states?
  26. Are you for or against the death penalty
  27. Do you believe that a small portion of SS should be privatized?
  28. Should Women be allowed to serve in hand to hand combat in the military?
  29. Do youthink women should be allowed to serve in hand to hand combat in the military?
  30. Where do you rank your political beliefs?
  31. Is the Republican party conservative?
  32. Favorite branch of the U.S. Military?
  33. Does God still speak to mankind?
  34. Should we allow Kurt Vonnegut's Books?
  35. Should African Americans be paid reparations?
  36. Do You Know Everything?
  37. Ice cream,frozen yogurt, or frozen custard?
  38. Spanking Children
  39. Is Bush a fisical moderate?
  40. American has too many laws?
  41. Do you believe in UFOs?
  42. Spammers
  43. Clone Accounts
  44. Public school lunches
  45. Are you for a Constitutional Amendment banning burning the flag?
  46. Do you believe that under God should be removed from the pledge in public schools?
  47. Do you believe that "Under God" should be removed from the Pledge in public schools?
  48. Do you think it's possible to support troops in Iraq, but not support their mission?
  49. Bush's Judicial Nominees
  50. Judicial Activism
  51. constutional violations & judges
  52. What's your position on the Political Compass?
  53. Mercy & Justice
  54. Is it possible to be a Liberal and a Catholic and follow the doctrine of the RCC?
  55. But has anyone come up with or has found The Ark of The Covenant?
  56. Do you believe Michael jackson is innocent or guilty?
  57. Americans donot feel safer/ Wash Post Poll
  58. Is it possible to be a Conservative and still follow the doctrine of the RCC
  59. How does one fight obesity?
  60. Do you think it is time to set a timetable for returning our troops from Iraq?
  61. Pictures of coffins of the dead American soldiers
  62. Do you contact your elected representatives?
  63. Which Political party is in line with your views
  64. What is worse?
  65. founding fathers
  66. What should America's State Religion Be?
  67. Are you for setting a date and "Cutting and Run in Iraq?"
  68. Should the Iraqi Schedule be Public?
  69. What is more important?
  70. Drugs!
  71. America secularism
  72. Does this scare you?
  73. Are we in a quagmire in Iraq?
  74. Are you "American"
  75. Human Organ Cloning
  76. Family
  77. Fixing Africa
  78. Fireworks!!!!!!!!!!
  79. For my Liberal friends, Do you hate President Bush more then you love the USA?
  80. Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter!!!
  81. Does this scare you ?
  82. Does this scare you ?
  83. Indications of things to come or not?
  84. Is any of this noteworthy?
  85. Opposition Party
  86. Karl Rove
  87. Are things really getting better in Iraq??
  88. More complex Iraq poll
  89. Should we really let the red states dictate morals and religion?
  90. Partisanship
  91. Is Suicide Bombing Respectable, or Acceptable?
  92. Religious freedom
  93. Portent leader
  94. Best Animated Movie Ever!
  95. Why did gays give up on religion?
  96. Do you believe the Constitution should be interpreted word for word?
  97. Ex-gays or not
  98. What is your major paradigm?....
  99. Doctor Assisted Suicide
  100. Do you think Israel's movement out of Gaza is going to help create peace?
  101. Taking a Poll...
  102. Google or Yahoo
  103. Google or Yahoo
  104. Reasons for going to war
  105. Privacy
  106. Circumcision
  107. Sexual Orientation
  108. Is Fox News Biased to the right?
  109. Political Orientation
  110. When is a baby considered human?
  111. Cults
  112. Condi vs. Hillary 2008
  113. Is the pope evil or just misguided?
  114. How was your solstice season?
  115. A question to liberals/leftwingers.
  116. Politics and Religion
  117. Uniform
  118. Reading
  119. Watching TV
  120. democracy for all?
  121. What do you think?
  122. Will US attack Iran?
  123. Would you buy it?
  124. Zach Hall in 2028
  125. Has Hip-Hop Led To Interracial Dating?
  126. If You Had To Give Up One Of Your Five Senses, Which Would It Be?
  127. Length of relationship
  128. who is responsible for school violence, parents or schools?
  129. Democratic 3 way Presidential Candidate Run!
  130. Texas Governor!!??
  131. Election Poll
  132. Did You Vote?
  133. How much do you know about Canada?
  134. Forum Ages
  135. Computers
  136. Racism
  137. 2008 Election
  138. Breadth of visions
  139. Rains and Gods
  140. 3-uncalled to think-cauchy3
  141. Evolution versus Creationism
  142. Geology - A Fairy Tale?
  143. Inorganic Chemical Reactions
  144. It is impossible for a creationist to defend his belief on its own merits alone
  145. Republican Presidential Candidates
  146. Do you find this offensive, disrespectful or sexist?
  147. Which is the more immature line of thought?
  148. Google
  149. Bankrupt Country Or Big Military?
  150. Should General Petraeus be promoted to US Central Command?
  151. Possibility of Drinking Age Lowered?
  152. Could Nostradamus Predictions stop disasters?
  153. Post Partial Birth Abortion Act.
  154. End The Drunk Driving!
  155. Age For Energy Drinks
  156. What will the California Supreme Court Rule on Prop 8?
  157. Secession: Sign of Crazy or American Right
  158. Competition in business: Is it good or bad?
  159. Is it possible to be both in favor of bailouts and a true evolutionist?
  160. Should Government Be The End-All To Society's Problems?
  161. Fairness Doctrine-What Say You??
  162. Should lawmakers be required to read the text of the laws they are voting on?
  163. A Prize for the best Avatar
  164. Megan's Law
  165. Are the Biblical Faiths the ONLY religions on the planet?
  166. Which is worse - rape or murder?
  167. Which is worse - Rape or Murder?
  168. National Health Care
  169. Do pop singers have a right to call themselves musicians?
  170. Should there be a national ID?
  171. Our Jews White?
  172. Mission Accomplished ?
  173. Should we have summer vacation?
  174. Help Me Out Please!
  175. President Obama on a Scale from 1-10
  176. Eschatology
  177. Will President Obama remain in office after 2012?
  178. Does the fifth commandment mean "kill" or "murder?"
  179. Does the fifth commandment mean "kill" or "murder?"
  180. Are you satisfied with you nation?
  181. Should criminals and terrorists lose their human rights?
  182. Interpretation I
  183. Will you buy like you always do for this 2013 Christmas or Holiday season?
  184. Buy Green Coffee Beans