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  1. Euthanasia
  2. Cultural Divide: Review of Huntington's Thesis
  3. Most Pressing Issue of the Day
  4. Welfare
  5. Spanking as discipline?
  6. Euthanasia and suicide: you SHOULD have that right!
  7. Animal Experiments
  8. The age of consent
  9. vegetarianism
  10. contributors to humankind or human unkind?
  11. Army Draft
  12. Has political correctness run it's course?
  13. Save me from this drunken jockocracy?
  14. Mistakes of Evolution and western society:
  15. The union of Choice?
  16. Of mice and men.
  17. Quality of Life
  18. Scientology
  19. 16 Facts that White Kids Won't Learn in School
  20. the IRR being called up
  21. Gambling: An Addiction?
  22. Profiling
  23. Comanche Indian Opposes "White Guilt"
  24. Chinaman Claims Whites are in a "Death Phase"
  25. Black People & Reality
  26. lowering the legal age
  27. What fuels antisemitisim?
  28. Equality and the Apocalypse
  29. Reality Checks
  30. Interracial Sex Being Pushed More and More
  31. Divorce should be outlawed.
  32. why do people really hate michael moore?
  33. Society has collapsed.....
  34. Technology creates more problems than it solves
  35. Assisted Suicide
  36. "Racism": Why the Taboo?
  37. French Connection United Kingdom
  38. Racist Jokes
  39. I was thinking....
  40. The Terri Schiavo Case
  41. The Terri Schiavo Case
  42. Law and Compassion:
  43. The Pope's case
  44. Terri Schiavo Died Today
  45. What if Babe Ruth took steriods?
  46. MORE on Terri....
  47. Activist Judge
  48. A new 'Terri Chiavo' case
  49. Spiro Nikolouzos and Texas Life Support
  50. Alternative to Intellectual Property
  51. Never Forget the History!
  52. Patriotism
  53. 'Pay-as-you-go' road charge plan
  54. Think about it!
  55. Can I Have My Country Back,
  56. "Meth Mouth"
  57. A reason to be kept alive!
  58. Theoretical:The demand for immortality - "The Reverse Schiavo case"
  59. Beating the persistant vegetative horse
  60. Do we want the renewal of universal conscription?
  61. Marijuana Legalization
  62. All 4forum Posters, Lend Me Your Eyes (& Opinions)
  63. Sentient Being?
  64. From foetus to full term - without a mother's touch
  65. The English Language
  66. What role should society have in reacclamating ex-cons?
  67. A Surfeit of Laws
  68. Platonic Kisses and Touch
  69. What do Paris and New Orleans Have in Common?
  70. What's worng with society today?
  71. In Praise of Feminism
  72. Polygamy: the Wall Street Journal Weighs In
  73. Stigmatizing Illegitimacy
  74. Men Abusing Men
  75. Paedophile Activism
  76. Are children far too spoiled in this day and age?
  77. Viva Las Feministas!
  78. Teenage society today
  79. 100% of the world...
  80. What’s the big deal about marriage?
  81. Supreme Court Stymies Atheist In Cross Issue
  82. The Immorality of Marrying Little Girls to Old Men
  83. The Innocence of Children as a Sexual Turn-On
  84. the witchcraft issue central to african developpement
  85. Whites Need to Quit Diversity...Now
  86. Further Praise Of Feminism!
  87. How much math should we teach?
  88. True communism- tried and found wanting!
  89. Litigation
  90. The Clunker Law
  91. Why is this ok
  92. Should we legalize drug use for adult Americans
  93. Profaning the Sanctity of Marriage
  94. Is America a Mistake?
  95. Children and tattoos
  96. Oakland voters pass pot tax to boost city coffers
  97. The happiest place on earth
  98. Morality in America
  99. The result of being nice to thugs
  100. A new me
  101. In the US, is it socially acceptable to rape your wife?
  102. "Forbidden Truths"
  103. My Mom wants to adopt a Haitian Orphan
  104. Go ahead inferiors, make My day.
  105. Explain This to Me, Travis
  106. Another Question for Travis
  107. Lawyers for Animals!!???
  108. Australia's extreme censorship
  109. My decision to have children makes me irresponsible
  110. Workingpeople are Society's Real Heroes
  111. Dr. Jack Kevorkian, dies at 83
  112. Is privacy neccesary for freedom?
  113. The Beast Revelation
  114. Political Correctness
  115. Chinese ethics and the influence of Christianity on the Secular West
  116. Praying versus doing
  117. Pathological hate
  118. Observation about social media