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  1. Ten Percent Across the Board Tax
  2. Marriage Penalty
  3. Flat Tax
  4. National Sales Tax
  5. Progressive Tax
  6. Reaganomics
  7. Estate Tax
  8. Income Tax
  9. Who pays the most taxes?
  10. Site about meditation www.har-tzion.com
  11. death tax
  12. Dividend Tax
  13. Flat tax vs. Revenue code
  14. Are Steel Tarrifs good?
  15. What tax cut?
  16. A flat Tax is very bad
  17. Compromise
  18. Tax Cuts - A Telling Story
  19. Is the graduated income tax constitutional?
  20. 2004 Federal Budget
  21. Local Taxes/Employment
  22. Corporation sole: freedom and sovereignty, or just a ticket to jail?
  23. New Bell Curve Tax System
  24. How to keep tax dollars inside the USA
  25. Herman Cain says it all.......
  26. Kotlikoff aproves of Bush's tax reform
  27. President Bush's BOLD AGENDA
  28. Fair Tax, OUT-FRONT & RUNNING HARD toward the finish line.
  29. We need the Fair Tax
  30. Kerry makes a STRONG CASE for the Fair Tax
  31. President Bush will MAKE IT HAPPEN!!
  32. Inez Tenenbaum didn't tell the WHOLE!! story.
  33. Taxes By the People
  34. We can get HR 25, the Fair Tax
  35. Socialism, Capitolism, and Taxes
  36. D.I.Y tax software
  37. 50 Reasons Why I Support the Fair Tax
  38. The "Fair Tax" Calculator
  39. Gifts
  40. Truth about the income tax
  41. Social Securtiy, Taxes, Medicare Plan to put forth
  42. Abolish All Taxes
  43. Should State Taxes be Deductable??????
  44. Who should be Tax-Exempt?
  45. "Progressive" Tax? More like Regressive Tax!!
  46. Tax the states
  47. Social welfare: where do you stand?
  48. Explaining tax cuts in a parable
  49. Fair Tax - Revenue-Negative?
  50. Corporate Welfare: Where Do You Stand?
  51. Cut Corporate Tax Rates--Remove Loopholes
  52. Rescend All the Republican Tax Cuts
  53. Biggest Creditor of the U.S.
  54. Fair tax
  55. Capital gains income’s tax discount is unjustified
  56. A lower flat tax rate with NO deductions from taxable income?
  57. FICA’s the most regressive federal tax
  58. VAT and conventional sales taxes
  59. Income tax's deductions per taxpayers and dependents
  60. The TeaParty Downgrade
  61. Income Tax
  62. Long term capital gains and income averaging.
  63. Senate Rejects Obama’s ‘Buffett Rule’ on Taxes
  64. end capital gains tax
  65. USA will never have a VAT, needs to drop income and payroll and death and capgain
  66. join the tea party and listen to few tom woods on youtube, everything you taught wron
  67. Some important tax credit
  68. What is income tax