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  1. What caused the Civil War
  2. common myths about historical events
  3. how could WWII have been prevented?
  4. Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  5. The Murderous History of The Soviet Union
  6. Why the Soviet Union Failed Economically
  7. Fallout of the October Revolution: Sea of Malcontents
  8. Another debate about Slavery
  9. The Australian perspective in WWII
  10. Americans won the War (?)
  11. WMDs : US still not caught
  12. WMDs : US still not called to account
  13. The Platt Amendment: Does the US have a obligation in Cuba?
  14. Most important person in American history
  15. Why do Americans love some traitors?
  16. Fascinated by War
  17. Was the US Civil War the price the United States had to pay for the US Constution?
  18. How do you think:The greatness of individuals can be decided only by those who live a
  19. This is your histroy test!
  20. the demise of the Soviet Union
  21. Who is the Greatest Civil War General?
  22. Who is the Greatest Civil War General?
  23. The Holocaust Revisited...
  24. History
  25. Why did white people become so successful ?
  26. Historical Origins of Liberalism
  27. Africa and Middle East are foundations of today's world...
  28. Why did america have the war of independence?
  29. The Witch Hunts of Salem 1692
  30. The Ugly FACTS About "Dr." Martin Luther King
  31. Super Powers and peace
  32. Was Hiroshima Necessary?
  33. FDR's Treason at Pearl Harbor
  34. McCarthyism
  35. Secession Questions ?
  36. Dating the Exodus
  37. How many people did Stalin murder?
  38. WWII slang for Germans
  39. "The Phony War"
  40. Who Took The AP US History Test This Year?
  41. This should be fun....
  42. World War II: A Tragedy for Western Civilization
  43. Tuesday September 11, 1973
  44. Motives for the first Crusades
  45. Why was iranian hostage crisis wrong?
  46. Top 10 most important historical figures
  47. A "second chance" offer.
  48. Aryan Invasion Theory
  49. What lost the Vietnam War?
  50. Killing from Qur’anic Piety: Tamerlane’s Living Legacy
  51. In the Beginning.....
  52. Birthplace of St. Patrick Possibly Found
  53. Man Arrested; He "Denied the Holocaust"
  54. What's the earliest known forms of written history?
  55. Another Historian Arrested for Challenging Holocaust
  56. Charles Lindbergh's 1941 Antiwar Speech
  57. Gulf of Tonkin Conspiracy?
  58. Men Question "Holocaust"; Get Arrested, Imprisoned
  59. The new argument in US vs. French bashing
  60. January 28, 1977
  61. Challenger
  62. And, A Good Thing They Did
  63. Woodrow Wilson's Ghost
  64. Was the government behind 9/11?
  65. Bealtaine - Ancient Celtic May 1st Holiday
  66. Plantations and Slavery
  67. WWII Japan/A-Bomb
  68. A New Look at Neville Chamberlain
  69. A new American Revolution
  70. American Culture
  71. Problems for the Holo-Myth
  72. From Freedom to Fascism?
  73. The central issue of the civil war
  74. The Great French Revolution
  75. Vietnam a just war?
  76. cold war stupid!!
  77. D Day Remembered
  78. Is it possible to learn from history?
  79. Pearl Harbor Anniversary - The BIG LIE Remembered
  80. Why Do The Nazi BNP Pretend That They're Not Fascists?
  81. Preserving Auschwitz
  82. Clashes as Dresden marks WW2 bombing
  83. The Pilgrims Robbed Graves...
  84. Confederate Soldiers and the Taliban...
  85. Geesh! All This Fuss about MERE Slavery...
  86. Ruby Ridge. Waco. Oklahoma City.
  87. Inca cemetery holds brutal glimpses of Spanish violence
  88. The U.S. Doesn't Win Wars Anymore...
  89. The Confederacy was not a "White Country" or anything like that.
  90. Herbert Hoover's Flood
  91. Che Guevara: An Old-Fashioned Racist
  92. The History of Slavery, a White on Black Crime?
  93. Do Democrats really belong in America?
  94. Was Jefferson the First Republican President?
  95. The intellectual basis on which to blame Democrats for million of dead people
  96. Knowing your American History
  97. Christian Nation Quiz
  98. Trying to understand Stalin
  99. What is better - capitalism or Asian mode of production?
  100. What type of personality is most successful in policy?
  101. Cynical Machiavelli's fight of school cliques.
  102. What form of government is the best?
  103. Interesting
  104. Theory of social progress.
  105. Special relationship?
  106. Stalin did not commit any crimes.
  107. Voices from Poland
  108. Stalin's Love trophies.
  109. WHY WE FIGHT ;Why We Fought...