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  1. Human Cloning
  2. Legalizing Marijuana
  3. Rush Limbaugh & Nicotine
  4. National Health Care
  5. America's health care system
  6. Patients rights
  7. Canadian healthcare
  8. Suing HMO's
  9. Smoking
  10. Chiropractic
  11. Should there be more support for midwifery?
  12. should we use hemp as a main stable in the U.S.?
  13. You have a right to die, or do you.
  14. legal weed
  15. processed foods
  16. According to You
  17. Detroit named America's fattest city
  18. We can't us drugs why?
  19. The front burner
  20. Ritalin
  21. Buying Meds Online
  22. The Greatest Threat...
  23. How many of you are Diabetic's?
  24. Is milk actually good for you?
  25. Immigrants Bring Tuberculosis to USA
  26. In Vitro and Septuplets
  27. Stem Cell Research
  28. Why aren't pro-lifers anti invitro fertilization?
  29. Mental health Workers Are They Good Or Are They Brain washers?
  30. The dwindling doctor syndrome ?
  31. Advanced Guesswork- The Art Of Medicine
  32. Abstinence Programs Misleads Teens
  33. Infant Genital Mutilation
  34. Breast Cancer...silent killer!
  35. Adderall XR Suspension in Canada...Input Wanted
  36. Pornography is Harmful
  37. Looking to lose weight?
  38. Medical marijuana illegal
  39. Canadian health care inequality?
  40. The Answer To The High Cost of Insurance.
  41. where did aids come from
  42. Steroids?!?
  43. Pediatric Nurses ?
  44. Use of Delacin T in Pregnancy
  45. Side effects Of Demadex
  46. Computerized Brain
  47. If you think the illegal drugs are expensive...
  48. medical malpractice
  49. Cure for the Bird Flu?
  50. A Surfeit of Health Scares
  51. Warts
  52. Pro-choices claim they are for women
  53. Diverticular Disease
  54. Bill to allow medical insurance bypass state law?
  55. Cloning: For the better or worse?
  56. Prevention of STD's and AIDS
  57. *Health*: What do you want? & How you can enjoy...
  58. Doctor's right to refuse treatment/organ transplant to chronic smokers/gluttons
  59. Coffee cures cirrhosis
  60. Adult ADD
  61. Heathy lifestyle
  62. Chances of catching something awful
  63. can someone help me what kind of std is this their is a pic not trying to be nasty
  64. This was long overdue!!!
  65. Universal Health Care - Oregon, USA
  66. Life expectency
  67. Bush appointee
  68. Dieting rant
  69. Disease Model of Alcoholism
  70. Whipping therapy
  71. 'Living Corpse' Wakes After 19-Year Coma
  72. Sicko
  73. Romney confronted on medical marijuana
  74. Testicular Cancer self exam
  75. Salvia, here we go again...
  76. More and more parents opting out of vaccinations and putting us at risk.
  77. Yoga Made Easy
  78. Global Health Issues: Why Are We Failing The Worlds Indigent Class?
  79. Insurance Companies & Medicare Part D
  80. Health Insurance Companies Must Die
  81. Prison Doctor Resigns Over Death Penalty
  82. Obama's healthcare plan
  83. How is nationalized health care worse?
  84. Would you accept a slightly higher rate of taxation, in return get free healthcare?
  85. How "The NAFTA Flu" Exploded
  86. Doctors Protest Exclusion of Single Payer at Senate Finance Committee
  87. The 2003 Senator from Illinois
  88. Uninsured Americans Could Jump To 65 Million
  89. Single Payer Advocates Call For Further Civil Disobedience
  90. Baucus' Campaign Contributions
  91. Baucus Yields To Single Payer Pressure To Meet With Advocates
  92. Thousands Hit Street For Single Payer In Seattle
  93. Letter From President Obama
  94. Health Professionals Tell Congress To Go Single Payer
  95. Draft of Kennedy Bill
  96. Montana Tells On Homeboy Baucus
  97. June 25 March On Washington
  98. Single Payer Petition By Senator Sanders
  99. Hard-Faced Bean Counters Between You and Health Care
  100. FDA panel urges ban on Vicodin, Percocet, etc.
  101. Taxpayer Subsidies
  102. The Long Wait in America
  103. Do You Know These Lobbyists?
  104. Bastille Day In Congress?
  105. The Rhetoric of the Healthcare Debate
  106. Health care plan for Congress
  107. When Was Max Baucus Elected President?
  108. CNN Refuses To Run Ad Critical of Health Insurance Industry
  109. In Memoriam: Marilyn Clement - We Will Win!
  110. Xxx??**#
  111. National Healthcare Versus Single Payer
  112. National Healthcare Versus Single Payer
  113. Poll: Republicans Think Government Should Stay Out Of Medicare
  114. proposals for healthcare...
  115. California's Real Death Panels: Insurers Deny 21% of Claims
  116. Fines proposed for going without health insurance
  117. Canada vs. U.S.
  118. NOW Calls For Single Payer
  119. Real ‘Norma Rae’ dead of cancer after battle with health insurer
  120. Healthcare in the UK
  121. Obama did lie
  122. We're #37, We're the USA
  123. Health care fit for animals: Some Americans get medical attention in livestock pens
  124. Healthcare Justice Week
  125. Israel has universal healthcare
  126. Who's Funding Opposition To Health Care Reform
  127. 17 Arrested at NYC AETNA Office
  128. Republican Health Care...
  129. Don't Touch That Burger!
  130. Baucus HealthCare Bill - CBO Estimate
  131. 7 More Arrested In Chicago
  132. Well, Since They're Killing Us Off, They Should at Least
  133. Single Payer Voted On This Week
  134. Challenge: two simple questions.
  135. Why I Was Arrested For Healthcare
  136. What the liberals real plan for your health care..
  137. Forcing Old Men into the Military to Save Their Loved Ones
  138. We Have Ours
  139. The Ghost of Future Healthcare
  140. So, what if the mandate doesn't work?
  141. Next Wave of Actions
  142. Put a Fork in it - Public Healthcare is on Life Support
  143. Insurgent Annie Interrupts Insurance Industry Convention
  144. Health Reform Video Challenge Finalists
  145. Kentucky Demonstrators In 2nd Day of Sit-In At Humana
  146. Dr. Margaret Flowers Still In Jail
  147. Keep the Kucinich Amendment!
  148. 9 More Arrested For Single Payer
  149. New Developments
  150. House Passes Historic Health Care Reform
  151. Republican Health Insurance Reform Bill Insures Almost Nobody
  152. 2,266 Veterans Died In 2008
  153. Is The House Health Bill Better Than Nothing?
  154. Should we allow...
  155. What Real Reform Would Look Like
  156. All Aboard! Next Stop, Socialism
  157. Uninsured ER patients twice as likely to die
  158. Is this what the left really wants?
  159. Healthiest States Vs. Unhealthiest States
  160. What could possibly go wrong?
  161. Maxine's Health care Plan
  162. Just another murder-by-spreadsheet death
  163. Snl
  164. Back to basics
  165. Thanksgiving Week Call To Action
  166. Those Who Rate U.S. Health Care System Good or Excellent Up To 49%
  167. What are these preventable deaths
  168. Let's talk REAL NUMBERS, not abstract
  169. Senate Amendment 2837
  170. Pharmaceutical Companies in Bed With Dems
  171. The Bill IS Dead
  172. The Truth about Healthcare Costs - WSJ
  173. Democrats Already Trying to Buy Re-election
  174. Professional Medical Groups Oppose Bill
  175. The Bill is passed by the Senate
  176. What's actualy in the bill?
  177. Why the Health-Care Bills Are Unconstitutional
  178. Is Obama the House Negro for Union Labor?
  179. Can the bill be stopped?
  180. Americans Deserpate to Mirgrate to Canada or Great Britain
  181. Bipartisan attempt or political ruse?
  182. Water Fluoridation: The Myth vs. The Facts
  183. Why Americans Go to Work Sick...
  184. Bipartasan Summit: What a joke!
  185. Uncle Sam's Track Recond Running Businesses
  186. We get less healthcare for more money!
  187. This health care bill is this a good analysis.
  188. The Truth About Aspartame
  189. Nancy Pelosi doesn't even know what's in the Healthcare bill
  190. Where are the Savings?
  191. Giggle! The TeaBaggers...
  192. Pre-existing condition clauses outlawed
  193. The Bill is passed by the house
  194. X12 Version 5010
  195. Who Wants Government-run Health Care?
  196. Health Care "Exchanges"
  197. Frontline Special on Health Care Legislation
  198. Chickens for Health Care...
  199. Answer one question
  200. Tobacco Science and the Thimerosal Scandal
  201. Medical tourism
  202. Study links cholesterol and nonstick coating chemical
  203. Heartbreaking
  204. Official: Saudi king traveling to U.S. for blood clot treatment
  205. Canadian Health Care
  206. New Research Traces Origin of AIDS to 1921
  207. Carcinogen warning labels for Coke and Pepsi; State of California decision!
  208. FACTS about US Healthcare
  209. Should parents have the right to say no to vaccines for their children?
  210. ObamaCare Hurts Poor
  211. Should medical insurers’ individual catastrophic accounts be federally re-insured?
  212. Why we need health care reform
  213. Oops, ObamaCare Fails to Address Costs
  214. THE CURE. How to curb the spread of Disease.
  215. How to be more buffed or get a little fat?
  216. What is "ripped" muscle actually?
  217. Healthy eating schedules?
  218. Building muscle mass with Muscle milk?