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  1. Flag Burning
  2. Minimum Wage
  3. States Rights
  4. Differences between Socialism and Communism
  5. Capitalism and Socialism
  6. women in combat
  7. U.S. Imperialism
  8. Further Erosion of Our Borders
  9. Social Security, the Socialist Scam
  10. Constitutional Law
  11. My Defense of the U.S. Intelligence Apparatus
  12. Stupid XXXXXX Sue President Over War in Iraq
  13. Homeland Defense Department
  14. Govt library searches
  15. Long List of U.N. Failures
  16. Interventionism.
  17. Americans
  18. 14 Facism facts
  19. Should a Government lie to it's people in a case of war?
  20. Why do right-wing Americans fear their government?
  21. Foreign Aid, should we?
  22. US Imperialism - End the act
  23. president
  24. Under God Out?
  25. This is a sad day in Canada
  26. A less complex government
  27. Bowling for Columbine
  28. secularism is belief based
  29. 2003 compared to 1984
  30. limitations on free speech?
  31. which political stance helps a country more?
  32. Why US?
  33. Iraq vs Incas
  34. Final Hour of the United States
  35. The distinction
  36. The Ingredients For Unnecessary War
  37. Bush Administration: Sending Jobs Overseas "A Good Thing"
  38. The most Christian of virtues
  39. Death-penalty trial for Oklahoma bomb accomplice could backfire on FBI
  40. Admit WMD mistake, survey chief tells Bush
  41. talk about Flip Flops: bush's broken campaign promises
  42. Don't Vote Nader in 2004!!!!
  43. Come to Britain! Land Of Opportunities...
  44. corrupt state judges
  45. Transportation Bill Hid Billions in Tax Breaks
  46. The Senator's Inner Nixon
  47. Who Bankrolls Bush and his Democratic Rivals?
  48. Public Integrity
  49. World's Biggest XXXXX: Rep. Duncan Hunter
  50. those fiendish dog owners
  51. behavior of liberals and conservatives, and why they cant be trusted
  52. Our current Government.....
  53. Why I am against Federalism
  54. Israel Hits US Taxpayers in the Wallet
  55. Federal Reserve is Not Part of US Government
  56. Council tax
  57. Top Ten Reasons to Close America's Border
  58. I Think the Constitutional Separation of Church & State Should Be Upheld...
  59. Flag Burning
  60. Do we HAVE to have a President?
  61. What you look for in a President
  62. Interventionism: Suicide for the American Republic
  63. Moore loses to SCOTUS
  64. Prime interest rate
  65. Why don't conservatives vote Liberterian?
  66. Just one little "s"
  67. (Religious war.)
  68. Flag Burning Question
  69. Outsourcing jobs in the U.S
  70. All you atheists...
  71. Isolationism
  72. Support Our Troops Ė Bring Them Home!
  73. two down and one more to go
  74. The US Dollar
  75. A Christian Nation?
  76. Consumers Can be Lenders Instead Of Spenders!
  77. Whats wrong with kansas?
  78. disbanding the military
  79. Congress should be term limited
  80. President Pinocchio ?
  81. Propaganda
  82. Some liberal Jews in America say President Bush in his hatred of Jewry pars Hamas
  83. Constitution Views
  84. to Hell with the US military
  85. is US militariast
  86. The Patriot Act... Sneaky Bastards
  87. Will "starving the beast" work?
  88. Let's Overthrow the Government
  89. How different would it be...
  90. Consent of the Governed
  91. Didnít Chinese people accept Japanís apologies?
  92. United States of the North Atlantic
  93. The logic of the War on Drugs...
  94. What do you think about freedom of speech in USA?
  95. Wat would u do...
  96. Bu$h has no use for public concerns
  97. Does US need a velvet revolution in Azerbaijan?
  98. Brave New World
  99. Interventionism, Terrorism, and Totalitarianism
  100. Initiatives and Referenda
  101. House Approves Flag Desecration Ban
  102. What happened to America?
  103. What do you think of this?
  104. The Fate of Flag Burnners?
  105. Libertarians (or similar) needed for a political simulation
  106. The Iraqi War
  107. Is Conscription Unconstitutional?
  108. Comments on the war
  109. George bush....stoner?
  110. GOP Member Wants Private Records of Citizens
  111. Dag nabbit, does seperation of church and state mean anything anymore?
  112. Here's what's wrong with our government!
  113. Literal interpratation
  114. Gas prices
  115. Is North Korea's Gov't Legitimate?
  116. A new government
  117. Flag Burning Amendment
  118. Disaster Accountability
  119. Truth
  120. Indiana government gone too far
  121. Communism v. Democratic-republic
  122. Speaking of governmental bodies...
  123. Holiday Trees
  124. Could We Write a Better Constitution Today?
  125. On impeachment of the President - An Open Letter to the House Judiciary Committee
  126. Virginia
  127. A Choice of Follies
  128. Fav President
  129. Conservative Victory
  130. Has congress become more stronger then the Presidency
  131. do you like Bush? well, MOST DONT!
  132. Civil War
  133. Immigration
  134. Does it really cost this much?
  135. Hurricanes, nukes, and one blackeyed president
  136. UK Local Elections
  137. And there goes Democracy
  138. And there goes the Constitution - Poker Ban
  139. Flag Burning
  140. Outraged About the US Soldiers rape/murder
  141. English as the official US Language
  142. Can a Third Party Ever Make It?
  143. Keith Ellison using the Qu'ran for swearing in ceremony
  144. MY magic wand
  145. All Politics is Loco: How conservative ideology cripples America
  146. Tells you something doesn't it?
  147. Kofi Annan's Five lessons.
  148. A Christian Nation
  149. Flag burning and WHO CARES!
  150. Michigan gas amendment
  151. Fascist America, in 10 easy steps
  152. Is this too much Big Brother ?
  153. What is patriotism?
  154. A scary message from George Carlin:
  155. Osama's message to the Democrats
  156. Americans enjoy the least opportunities
  157. Return to Constitutional Government
  158. What is exactly interstate commerce?
  159. The Fraud Of The Freemarket
  160. My Immigration Plan. What do you think?
  161. The Fraud of Socialized Medicine
  162. The Scam Of The Federal Reserve Bank:
  163. For Conservatives: You want to know what happened to the US? View this.
  164. Who is the sovereign?
  165. Bush: "I Will Leave Office With My Head Held High."
  166. A country is a democracy/Communist merely because they say so
  167. Best Form of Government, Existing or Theorized
  168. Responsibility and Entitlement in a Free Society
  169. Big Brother? Should we be concerned?
  170. The constitution is not in effect!
  171. The Constitution; That Delicate Balance
  172. Privacy. What Privacy?
  173. The three duties of government: 1. Protect property 2. preserve contracts
  174. Farmers' Markets Facing Possible Extinction???
  175. The US constitution
  176. A citizen
  177. In 2010 I won't vote
  178. The Entire Bush tax cuts will be extended; Obama will surrender.
  179. America a lost society?
  180. International Law
  181. government and taxes
  182. Environmental Enforcement Leaves Musicians in Fear
  183. The Good Message of the Iroquois
  184. The Entitlement Mentality
  185. The Happiest Countries in the World
  186. Disabled veterans compensation
  187. Government run healthcare discussion
  188. Application of the constitution
  189. To call for prayer is not the actual solution to nigeria problems
  190. Tea Party Senator Uses Eye Shadow and Eye Liner
  191. Stop the bullying!
  192. hogan outlet Ela moved to Poland with her mother
  193. Lithuanian newest history is really weird
  194. Poll:is confederate flag racist?