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  1. Gay Marriage
  2. Gays Adopt Children?
  3. Federal Marriage Amend
  4. My letter to NAMBLA....Your thoughts and comments are welcome
  5. Should Gay People Be Teachers?
  6. Should Gay rights be a debate??
  7. Gay's, should they be here?
  8. Supreme Court Decision
  9. Some fresh data on conversion therapy
  10. Is the Gay Agenda Part of a Communist Plot? Trotskyism and Homophobism Linked!
  11. Gay men as boy scout leaders, etc.
  12. Bush & Gays
  13. Gay High School
  14. In Defense of Homophobia
  15. Gay people are morally wrong.
  16. Homerphobia
  17. Homosexual President?
  18. Amazing Facts about Heterosexuals!
  19. Questions for the people defending the gay life style!
  20. The Psychology of Homosexuality
  21. Homosexual behavior- what's wrong with it?
  22. is it going to be government funded?referring to gay high school
  23. According to Christian readings...is Homosexual sex wrong
  24. Will u sign nogaymarriage petition?
  25. Behind the closet wall
  26. Sodomy a vile addiction
  27. 59% of Democrats now oppose gay marriage.
  28. What is homophobia?
  29. Heterophobia.
  30. Health Risks of Homosexuality, Sodomy
  31. Nikki's BIble of Truth
  32. Gay and bisexual lifestyle more deadly than smoking.
  33. Genetically Corrupt
  34. I don't get it
  35. Hypocrisy Revisited
  36. I need some support guys...
  37. And this entire subject is not Civil Rights.
  38. "God" Does NOT Play dice with Sexual Orientation.
  39. polygamy's relation to gay marriage
  40. Gay issue, Understanding Unalienable rights
  41. Homosexuals shall not inherit the kingdom of God. New Testament verses.
  42. Gay Rights Forum, eh? Try "Gay Bashing Forum"
  43. God Himself calls homosexuality(sodomy) a "very grevious" sin.
  44. Marriage Only! Ma-sjc
  45. Whats wrong with marriage?
  46. Newsom is a XXXXX
  47. gay marriage divorce
  48. Support Gay Marriage
  49. Rebuttle to Leviticus
  50. Arnold: Terminate same-sex marriage
  51. Attack of the gay agenda!
  52. Curosity
  53. Marriage vs. Civil Union
  54. Someone explain to me why homosexuality is wrong
  55. Would you be for two biologically related gay brothers or sisters to marry?
  56. K-12 academy hosts 'XXXXX State of the Union'
  57. "Gay gene"
  58. Gay rights?
  59. Gay Rights Are American Rights, A Letter to Bush
  60. Traditions v. Equality
  61. Bibilical Scriptures v. Hypocritical Positions
  62. 9th Cir Court Rules On Use Of Anti-Gay Bibilical Scriptures
  63. Washing State Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Gay Rights
  64. International Gay Right Movements
  65. Recent finding on genetic traits of homosexulaity
  66. It appears there is no "gay gene". Identical Twin studies refute "gay gene" theory.
  67. My Legal Predicate For Gay Marriages
  68. Food for thought?
  69. gay marrage amandment
  70. Religion + Gay Rights.
  71. BAN gay Marriage?
  72. Gay Marriage
  73. The Sanctity of Marriage
  74. Gay Monogamy
  75. Homos have the same rights as me
  76. Genetic or choice? Which do you think?
  77. What the Bush Administration isn't telling you
  78. News Polls
  79. If homosexuality is a disorder, should gay marriage be allowed?
  80. Judge awards Christian almost $150,000 for being fired.Wouldn't "value" homosexuality
  81. "Victory Over Homosexuality"
  82. Homosexuals and the 10% myth. Homosexuals are only 1-3% of population. Referenced.
  83. Lesbian households more violent than heterosexual households.Bureau of Justice Stat's
  84. A higher proportion of children of lesbians parents engage in homosexual activity.
  85. Help me with some reasons against homosexuality
  86. Why is This Even An Issue for Hetero's Anyway?!
  87. Why traditional families are so important to marriage
  88. What brings gays to this forum??? (gay parades is enough)
  89. Dr. President Bush...
  90. Over 1,049 Federal Benefits of Married Couples
  91. Polygamy
  92. Gays Shouldn't Have the Right to Pay Taxes
  93. Is Homophobia the Cause of Gay Rights Denial?
  94. I Found a Good Article on Homophobia
  95. Legal questions
  96. Constitutional Rights of Everyone Includes Everyone
  97. Constitutional Ammendment to Be Voted on Next Week
  98. Public Apology
  99. Bush doesn't want gay votes
  100. "Young gays drive HIV rise in U.S."
  101. Permit only gay marriages
  102. How Did Married People Get Rights in the First Place?
  103. Why straight men are afraid of gays
  104. Two general marriage questions
  105. Disease is irrevelant to marriage
  106. Why So Much Negativity Toward Gays?
  107. Lesbian couple files for first same-sex divorce in Canada
  108. for gays: what will happen if you have a proof that homosexuality is wrong?
  109. Does Heterophobia Exist...
  110. Being Gay/Lesbian in America...
  111. The Right to Fight for Our Country...
  112. I Think all 50 States Should Have Anti-Discrimination Laws...
  113. Homosexuality in Nature
  114. Anti-Gay Message Posters
  115. Making Secular Same Sex Marriage Legal...
  116. Anti-s and the fallacies they so love
  117. Not a debate thread but a goodbye...
  118. Gay marriage in SF
  119. How Did DOMA come to be?
  120. Children?
  121. Benefits of a Gay High School
  122. The "choice" test!
  123. The open question thread
  124. Gay/Lesbian Inclusive Houses of Worship...
  125. The complexities of being human...
  126. A Question for Heterosexual Men...
  127. The Ex-gay Movement
  128. Misconceptions of Homosexuality
  129. Straightening out the Myhts of Being Gay
  130. For the anti gay christians
  131. Ambivalence part I
  132. mana'ia - Sex is ONLY for personal gratification
  133. Deny Straights Rights On Grounds Of Disease
  134. Why me?
  135. Looks Like the Tide Might Be Turning
  136. Exodus International
  137. When Gay Marriages Become Legal Across the US...
  138. mana'ia - All straights are disease free
  139. Report, and it's effect on gay rights
  140. Really Simple
  141. Secular Gay Rights & Religious Philosophy
  142. Just Incredible: The Falacy of Homosexuality
  143. Marriage Quiz
  144. A day in the life, of your average sexual devient...
  145. Basic Definitions
  146. FINAL WORD ON "Homosesxual" Enough said!
  147. The Fallacies of Mana'ia
  148. We Interupt This Program...
  149. A Letter to the President
  150. Government should get out of marriage
  151. One Step Closer
  152. A Right to Just Plain Old Not Be Harassed
  153. To have sex or not to have sex...
  154. Getting the Truth Out There...
  155. Oh so true
  156. Ma'iana
  157. Don't Ask, Don't Tell???
  158. The Sanctity of Marriage?
  159. Swag-art of speech
  160. My editorial on religious hate for past 1,000 years: gender sexual orientation race
  161. Call Your legislators
  162. History of Activist Judges
  163. Will and Grace, ***** Eye for the Straight Guy, etc...
  164. A reason to not have gay scout leaders.
  165. Gays in the military
  166. The challenge
  167. Is there a Gay Gene
  168. Learn the scriptures against you!
  169. Study Finds Gay Unions Donít Last
  170. Why the theory that homosexuality is a choice doesn't work
  171. Gay Marriage Opponents Twisted His Research
  172. So I've been gone for a month....
  173. Homosexuals cheat more than Heterosexuals
  174. What harm will come to society from the marriage of gays?
  175. Waxy, Jake, Joebrummer and anyone else I may have offended
  176. Acceptance of gays saves lives!
  177. Funny article
  178. Southern states speak loudly against same-sex marriage!
  179. Gay rights initiatives on Nov.2 ballot
  180. Shot in their own foot
  181. Why dose it matter?
  182. Hetrosexual "experts" on homosexuality.
  183. Is this my imagination?
  184. Bush better work fast for his ammedment
  185. Get the Government out of "Marriage" altogether!
  186. "Their" lifestyle
  187. States saying no to same-sex unions lead in divorce
  188. Thoughts in the Wake of the Election Regarding Gay Marriage
  189. ...and the beat goes on! Even the Yankees don't like it!
  190. Fewer gay couples seek marriage licenses
  191. What are your reasons for posting on this subject....
  192. Why the Historical Revisionism?
  193. There shouldn't be a debate!
  194. Alexander the Not Ready for Great America
  195. What is homophobia to you?
  196. is there a middle ground?
  197. Complying with Homophobic Behavior
  198. Cheryl Jacques...GONE from HRC
  199. Law to ban books that have GLBT content
  200. How the Grich Stole Marriage
  201. 2 Networks to Ban Church Ads Due to Gay Content
  202. Seven Year old Suspended for telling the truth
  203. RNC Dan Gurly OUTTED!
  204. Comparisons
  205. Making Head Way!
  206. Historian's book says Lincoln was gay
  207. Christmas might be gay???????
  208. Jesusland
  209. God, Shrimp and Homosexuality (and the Bible)
  210. Live and Let Live
  211. The BEST reason to oppose gay rights!
  212. More acts of deliberate fraud by mana'ia
  213. gay parents
  214. Reggie White passed away
  215. Legalizing gay marriage improves EVERYBODY's rights.
  216. Did Newsom's antics in San Fransisco cost Democrats the Election?
  217. Parents want gay couple's kids out of school
  218. How would you react if your child were gay?
  219. Why do you support/reject gay marriage?
  220. What is being gay?
  221. Dear Dr. Dobsen
  222. Innocence Lost
  223. 1/10/2005 Illinois Senate PASSES SB3186
  224. A Thought on Two Issues: Homosexuality and Abortion
  225. God Hates Fags
  226. Gay Education
  227. Do special gay high schools constitute segregation?
  228. Understanding "Sexual Prejudice".
  229. Constituional debate on Gay Marriage
  230. Gay Couples that seem to be exceptions...
  231. Are Bush's policies REALLY bad for gay people?
  232. SpongeBob SquarePants Boycott
  233. Songe Bob? is Gay?
  234. Another "Reparative Therapist" Discredited
  235. More evidence of a biological component to homosexuality
  236. Partner benefits
  237. PBS pulls cartoon with character of gay parents
  238. this has been slightly bugging me...
  239. why tolerance?
  240. New York State Supreme Court 2-4-05
  241. Most Mass. voters comfortable with SSM
  242. Gay couples awww so cute.
  243. And this man calls himself a Christian...
  244. Gays Debate Radical Steps to Curb Unsafe Sex
  245. Take the gay out of gay suicide, and we'll pay
  246. How civilized governments debate this issue
  247. Students conduct mock 'gay marriages'
  248. Gay Divorce Rate 17%
  249. Shark Tale and Shrek Too!
  250. National Religious Leaders Reject Pope's Defamation of Same-Sex Couples