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  1. Death Penalty
  2. Mandatory Minimum Sentencing
  3. Forfeiture laws
  4. Double Jeopordy
  5. We must use laws to rid ourselves of the anti-American vermin that threaten us
  6. How should the mishandling of classified information be dealt with?
  7. Juvenile Executions
  8. Site about meditation www.har-tzion.com
  9. Take The Law In Youre Own Hands..
  10. What do you think the penalty for child molesters should be?
  11. Snow ball law
  12. Prostitution
  13. Peter Arnett: The possible cause of a severe 1st amendment disturbance
  14. More Laws Antiwar Protestors Should Know About
  15. drinking
  16. Castration
  17. Capital Punishement
  18. Is spanking a form of child abuse?
  19. Abortion
  20. Sex Offenders
  21. Should British police officers be armed?
  22. Teens lure and kill friend
  23. Seat Belt Law
  24. Bowling for Columbine
  25. Criminal Background Checks
  26. Gun Control
  27. sex offenders should be listed
  28. Michael Jackson, Guilty or Inocent?
  29. When should we execute?
  30. Michael
  31. Why?
  32. Question
  33. Top of the food chain?
  34. The Police are our Guardians(not).
  35. Should CRIMINALS have the right to choose DEATH over a LIFE sentence?
  36. Are these yours?
  37. Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act
  38. Rape sexually motivated?
  39. identity cards in uk
  40. bigamy?
  41. Why high rates of black crime?
  42. 10 Years After Aparteid, South Africa in a Crisis
  43. Question
  44. Death penilty
  45. My kind of sheriff
  46. How to Stop Child Beatings in Public...
  47. Bat Control!
  48. Capital Punishment
  49. Sad state of our criminal justice system
  50. Jury debates over Scott Peterson’s fate…
  51. Thai government and drug traffickers
  52. Drug Mandatory Minimums
  53. Guilty! Should he die?
  54. Federal Drug Priorities
  55. What If a White Man Had Shot and Killed 6 Asians?
  56. internet harrassment advice needed
  57. Innocent after 20 years on death row
  58. Dead tonight...if...
  59. Score two for the good guys!
  60. GUILTY by reason of insanity
  61. crimes against women
  62. Criminals as social benefactors.
  63. new Court System
  64. Justice Prevailed
  65. Bush Drugs
  66. Another senseless murder...in a court room, no less.
  67. Hello I'm new
  68. crimes against children
  69. Crime statistics!
  70. Finally a little justice
  71. I wonder if my Liberal friends are against the Death Penalty on this one?
  72. have oral sex, go to Jail
  73. Death sentence to expencive?
  74. Concurrent sentencing?
  75. Non-Violent Drug users
  76. Executions lacking concrete evidence.
  77. the current state of jail
  78. School trips to prisons?
  79. UK ID cards
  80. Anti-rape device must be banned, say women
  81. Legalization of all drugs
  82. Strict Liability
  83. Criminalize beasiality?
  84. double jeoprady
  85. Drunk Driving Punishments
  86. Age of Consent for sex
  87. You have the right...
  88. Your Public Servants at Work
  89. Find Sexual Offenders in Your Area
  90. 90 Days In Jail ...
  91. Domestic Violence
  92. Is It Sexual Assault?
  93. Prostitution
  94. Marilyn Monroe – Suicide or Cover-up?
  95. Find serial killers in your area...
  96. Exit strategy . . .
  97. Opinion on Tookie?
  98. An Attack Against the Death Penalty
  99. Purpose of the Justice System
  100. Criminals and civil rights
  101. Jesus and the death penalty
  102. ? On Pedophiles
  103. SCOTUS makes Decision on Dealth Penalty
  104. Pro Death Penalty Commentary
  105. The Old Wild West 'Wanted' posters - Today
  106. Lawyers and Justice
  107. Mexico to legalize drugs
  108. Legalizing EUTHANASIA
  109. Online Predators Are now using XBox
  110. Death Penalty???
  111. is sex @ 14 wrong?
  112. DNA records
  113. "Hate" Crimes
  114. Should law enforcement be allowed to lie when interrogating?
  115. Castle Law is confusing and muddled
  116. A perfect candidate for roasting over an open fire...
  117. child support enforcement
  118. This is sick.
  119. For the record "Prosecutors"
  120. Life
  121. Recidivism
  122. Jaywalking is a SERIOUS CRIME!!!!!
  123. Drug Legalization and decriminalization
  124. Lets Imprison innocent children! Great idea! Horray for america!
  125. Freaky Laws
  126. Porn up Rape down
  128. Compensation for the Wrongly Convicted
  129. Second Chance Act of 2007
  130. So much for the death sentence being a deterrent
  131. Ten years for a blowjob: The utter shittiness of American law
  132. Death Penalty Decreases Crime
  133. Libby Pardoned
  134. Appropiate, effective punishment
  135. Man Charged With Murder 41 Years After Shooting
  136. Missing Madeleine
  137. Dealing with Criminal Youths
  138. USA vs. Mexican Government
  139. Serious discussion
  140. Juvenile Death Penalty
  141. You can have this free money I won from the UN!
  142. There oughtta be a law...
  143. Should We Legalize Marijuana?
  144. Death Penalty
  145. A question
  146. Joe Horn
  147. Separating Violent and Nonviolent offenders in prison?
  148. Juice in the cooler...
  149. 8 year old girl seeks divorce from 58 year old man
  150. Sex Offender Registry...does it work? Is it fair?
  151. Who, what, when, where, why and how.
  152. Should a woman who has slapped the face of a man or who has aborted be emprisoned?
  153. Should a butt slap be considered a criminal act or a joke?
  154. Should some insecticides be punished?
  155. Should men be allowed to wear thongs in pools and becach?
  156. Should prostitution be legal?
  157. ... if they die, the facts necessary ... die with them
  158. Eliminationists
  159. The man who killed the abortionist George should be free
  160. Murder Incorporated
  161. Over a WHAT!?!?!?!?!?
  162. Hit the Floor! Hit the Floor!
  163. Bushland
  164. Rape
  165. Prison?
  166. If you could change sex offender registry...
  167. Prohibition of drugs doesn't work
  168. George W. Bush, the Pimp
  169. Justice served
  170. Right Wing Fearmongers Are Raping Us!
  171. American Nazism
  172. foxy Knoxy
  173. Karma hits home on fashion
  174. What makes a killer?
  175. Tough on crime? Not likely
  176. Britain is supposed to be safer? Not likely
  177. Why Don Blankenship Can't Go to Prison...
  178. Was Da'rryl Durr guilty? [death penalty]
  179. Do civil rights leaders and the media ignore interracial crimes against whites?
  180. Gringo Guns
  181. A question about this video
  182. How easy would it be for an armed person to stop a school shooting?
  183. Changing Statutory Rape laws?
  184. States Spend Hundreds of Millions Each Year Treating Sex Offenders
  185. Minors Charged With Child Porn For Texting Nude Pictures of Themselves
  186. Horrible Crimes Committed Against Women in Juarez, Mexico
  187. Don't Taze My Granny!
  188. Tourist sues Escort Service for $1.8 million
  189. The US Government Poisoned Alcohol During Prohibition
  190. Man robs bank to get medical care in jail
  191. Is porn a form of rape?
  192. Pennsylvania Judge Rules Assault Justified by Islamic Law
  193. Ban Knives?
  194. Methods of murder
  195. Regulate and Penalize Banks, Not Vaginas
  196. Rape: Gruesome Details: But Are You Surprised?
  197. Bible over his heart saved his life...
  198. casual crimes