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  1. Evolution in school
  2. Dinosaurs and Human Footprints
  3. Can Evolution & Religion Coexist
  4. Did Charles Darwin Recant
  5. Shrinking Sun
  6. Bombardier beetle
  7. Moon Dust
  8. Second Law of Thermodynamics
  9. Magnetic Field
  10. Nebraska Man
  11. Christians For Evolution
  12. Test, test. Is this thing on?
  13. No transitional fossils?
  14. Something for Creationists to think about...
  15. Some more transitional fossils for Calligirl.
  16. The return of some more transitonal fossils
  17. Is this possible?
  18. What is science
  19. I just have to share this.
  20. What are your views on evolution and creationism?
  21. from ape to adam? (my view)
  22. creation vs evolution
  23. Creation, Evolution, and Religion
  24. Don't You People Ever Come Out of Here?
  25. Creationism vs. Evolution, Why?
  26. Creation and Evolution
  27. Genetic Evidence for Changes in Kind
  28. How did evolution happen?
  29. Christ: real or fake, creator or not.
  30. Debater backs up a claim
  31. What Jefferson meant.
  32. Blob to Man
  33. definition of kinds.. (long!)
  34. Fossil find doubles primate age
  35. Why church attendances are declining?
  36. Unanswered questions
  37. Evolution happens
  38. Evidence of Chimp/Human Common Ancestry
  39. 78 Arguments for Creationism
  40. Summary of evolutionary science
  41. Walk on a Scottish Beach
  42. Stephen Hawking is the 300th Steve
  43. Perhaps I made the questions too difficult
  44. Offer to prove me wrong
  45. Definition of Scientific fact, theory, and law
  46. Florida researcher finds newly forming planetary systems
  47. UV light may have sparked life on Earth
  48. Musings of Tanks and Puzzles and Very Disturbing Polls
  49. Lappster: Please Read This
  50. Article: Do You Believe in Evolution?
  51. Lappster: Read this also
  52. The Evolution Debate Broken Down
  53. Article: Debates and the Globetrotters
  54. Lappster and Frog: Please Read
  55. Things You May Not Know About Evolution
  56. Inspired Guess
  57. More problems with Evolution
  58. Transtional forms
  59. Possible answer to the animals on the Ark
  60. Origin of Order
  61. Failed Biblical Prophecies?
  62. Is God a robot?
  63. Memes? Genes?
  64. Conspircy Theory (creastionstic view of evolution)
  65. Apple pie and the static universe.
  66. Genisis Creation vs Science
  67. Noah's submarine
  68. Oklo natural reactors
  69. Lurch, have you been bad?
  70. Where is the link to particle/anti-particle forming in void
  71. My opinion on evolution.
  72. Attn Lurch
  73. dinosaur & human footprints
  74. Transitional fossils
  75. How does a new species come about?
  76. Rna
  77. Evidence - is it enough?
  78. Homologs in the Bacterial Flagellum
  79. Evidence that points to a conclusion
  80. An eye for make believe.
  81. Animated Evolution and Un-natural Selection
  82. Fat Chance
  83. Unto the Ages of Ages
  84. Survival of the weak and the lucky
  85. Hey montalban
  86. Evolution, A great theory
  87. A legacy of broken dreams
  88. Grudgingly conceding some points
  89. Rape: Evolutionary adaptation? By-product of Sexual Dimorphism?
  90. A sense of justice
  91. Looking for intelligence
  92. Evolution and gender
  93. Religon and Science
  94. For Montalban
  95. How does one arrive at a disbelief in God? And other random musings.
  96. Recessive mutations
  97. atheists
  98. Proof Of The Exisitance Of God
  99. Darwinism Refuted...NOT
  100. Payley Refuted?
  101. Another mistake?
  102. Quit trying so hard!
  103. Pseudogenes
  104. Why does evolution disprove God?
  105. Virgin birth
  106. Tipping the scales?
  107. How much physical and/or emotional interaction does a god need to be God?
  108. Genesis is the starting point for Christians
  109. The many faces of science
  110. So, how did they get all those animals on the ark?
  111. what is it with the eyes?
  112. Is evolution a reality?
  113. Comparing Apples and Oranges
  114. What separates man from ape?
  115. Are Sin and Evolution the same phenomena?
  116. Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications
  117. Implications of life on mars
  118. Moses what did God really tell you?
  119. Why the fighting?
  120. Adapted to die?
  121. Noah's ark program
  122. A couple question about evolution
  123. a question that stumps me
  124. Evolution or Jesus? The choice is clear.
  125. Science versus Religion???
  126. Living from nonliving?
  127. The arguements for creationism.
  128. Scopes Monkey Trial
  129. Evolism-Christianity hybrids?
  130. Evolutionism v Creationism.
  131. Ah, Richard is back
  132. Does it really have to be Creation VS Evolution?
  133. Fossil Evidence For Evolution: Transitional Fossils
  134. Dinosaurs
  135. Ctreationism IS evolution?
  136. Some stars > 10000 light years away so I doubt creationism
  137. Evidence of evolution
  138. The Bible - Defined
  139. Why teach evolution in schools?
  140. Archaeopteryx for astronomyfan
  141. evolution and moral relativism
  142. Belief in god makes you act Morally?
  143. A clear definition of "evolution", anyone?
  144. Archaeopteryx for astronomyfan
  145. Does the bible mention the bible is infallible
  146. This board seems to have died
  147. Where does science say we come from?
  148. Noah's Flood, fact or fiction?
  149. Good Entertainment
  150. Lucy is coming
  151. Lets have a sticky thread with definitions
  152. K/T Nightmare
  153. Are some evolutionists just as rabid as some creationists?
  154. Evolution - Alternative, not proof
  155. Creationist Predictions
  156. Fossilization kinetics
  157. What is modern evolutionary theory?
  158. Something to think about
  159. Prove you are not all figments of my imagination.
  160. Creation supporters are figments of my imagination
  161. Something to think about 2
  162. Fossils and Floods
  163. Ages of Fossils
  164. The Grand Canyon
  165. Evolution at a snails pace...... evolution in action
  166. What is the meaning of life
  167. Evolution news
  168. The Moon Dust Theory
  169. Question about a particular point for someone with a background in genetics
  170. About the topics list
  171. New peppered moth stuff
  172. Homo erectus
  173. Ernst Mayr Birthday
  174. Liberty University Biology major
  175. Creation...
  176. Never gonna get it
  177. Which are you?
  178. Christian Queries Bad Arguments Used By Christians In Evolution Debate...
  179. Arguments we think creationists should NOT use
  180. Is it natural?
  181. Teach the controversey
  182. In Our Time: The Origin of Life
  183. Do creationists use silly word games?
  184. Creation Science Madness
  185. Origins
  186. Lets discuss the actual reason creationists object to evolution.
  187. The Big Fallacy
  188. Giordano Bruno and Galileo Galilei: were they fairly treated for their views?
  189. Out of China?
  190. Just a question
  191. Use constraint to stop Bible saying pi=3
  192. Defying Darwin
  193. I am 13 and i know the truth.....read to see
  194. i will pray for you all
  195. Christian Challenges Fellow Christians...
  196. D(Dzeron)
  197. Where is Lurch/Ungerdunn/Selasphorus/etc???
  198. what do you believe?
  199. Creation is irrational to begin with
  200. monkeys to man or man to monkeys?
  201. A Challenge for Montalban
  202. Can science prove god does not exist?
  203. Was Darwin Wrong?
  204. Do any nonmaterial approaches explain any physical observation well?
  205. Political ramifications of the Evolution/Creation debate.
  206. What is the "Evolution only" conspiracy
  207. Evolution denial just as factual as holocaust denial.
  208. The concept of the non-[material]
  209. What do learn about evolution in schools?
  210. A warning sticker in textbooks!
  211. Mock-science: why do anything by halves?
  212. Philosophy of Science endangers evolution
  213. Is There Evidence For An Intelligent Designer
  214. Contemporary Creationism: A growing movement or the entrenchment of a fading cause?
  215. We should admit evolution is not linked to the abortion debate.
  216. The Evidence for Creationism?
  217. How would Creationism explain a similar religion on another planet?
  218. Prove that evolution is science
  219. Science makes error studying the water jesus turned into wine.
  220. Pennsylvania beats Georgia...equal time for Creationism!
  221. Science, Knowledge, and Ignorance
  222. Why Is It The Evolution Theory Has No Need For Faith
  223. New fossil
  224. Creationists lose debate because they avoid questions.
  225. (Gene mutation said linked to evolution.)
  226. (Evolution means nothing more than change.)
  227. All quiet on the western front.......
  228. Three problems of evolution
  229. Ancestor's DNA code reconstructed
  230. Hopefully this thread will......
  231. Teaching Evolution to Fundamentalists
  232. Why lie and claim creation science same as physics?
  233. New Classification System to Replace Linnean System
  234. Did Tyrannosaurus rex have feathers?
  235. The results of the image and likeness of a perfect God
  236. Morality and evolution
  237. (The bible pecking order.)
  238. Did Darwin recant
  239. Evolution is only needed for people who control disease.
  240. Giant impactor theory works best!
  241. Mammals ate dinos!
  242. Darwin and the rise of secularism
  243. Sex=death
  244. Events older than 6,000 years
  245. Male Vanity exceeds Female Vanity
  246. Petrified wood only takes days
  247. Can you please explain....
  248. If you had to guess...
  249. Is Evolution/Creation a Big Deal Where You Are
  250. can God create?