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  1. Deleting "Dumb" Posts
  2. Laplace181 is Laplace181(villanelle)
  3. I need support right now
  4. She gave Laplace181 a hand (triplet)
  5. Laplace181' s dream of life
  6. Eulogium of truth by Laplace181
  7. Lusts by Laplace181(poem on sex)
  8. Is it a good thing if all USA army died in Iraq?
  9. Your tears to Laplace181
  10. To turn may be danderous for U.S.A
  11. Brainstorming:-the real REASONS why USA invade Iraq
  12. Advance IQ Question: How to defeat USA army if you were Saddam ?
  13. Love with Laplace181 (poem)
  14. A gift to Saddam Hussein and to ALL :- How to defeat USA
  15. Laplace181 s orgasm (poem)
  16. Laplace181 in the world
  17. Your either with me or against me!
  18. To debategirl :Do God bless?
  19. I always tell the truth but who tell ya all just don't believe me, huh, huh~~! ^+++^
  20. Laplace s game
  21. No matter Saddam disarm or not, Bush must declare war !
  22. Such poorest people on earth need our help and you can kill, are u a MAN, Bush??
  23. Pls tell me if you USA people have freedom of speech ?
  24. Laplace181 s Hong Kong s villanelle
  25. I'm back
  26. To Chinese Guy
  27. saddam cant face reallity
  28. Laplace181 s three lovers
  29. Your skeleton of debates may be my poems
  30. Laplace s anti-drugs poem
  31. Happy Valentine's Day to you ALL, hehehehe~
  32. Hong kong s court and dog (Laplace181 s poem)
  33. My poetry
  34. laplace s poem of sweetie
  35. Should Immigrants adapt, or Americans?
  36. Laplace181 s perfect jade
  37. Laplace181 s poem on Homosexuality
  38. Laplace181 s poem about life and heaven
  39. Try~ Try~ our Chinese God's power !!! Come in see see pls !
  40. Laplace181 s poem on departure
  41. Do united nation appreciate war
  42. Hey I'm new here... sum1 please talk to me
  43. Laplace181 s poem on dance
  44. Who care there's only 0.0001% to stop war!Come On, Protestors for peace!
  45. Laplace181 s wishes (poem)
  46. Laplace181 s poem (war to Iraq)
  47. Do Iraq people have RIGHTS to vote USA president ? Do they ???
  48. Laplace181 s poem on one protester
  49. Laplace181 s imaginations about sex
  50. STRONG OBJECTION TO Stormin Norman's interference to XYOU's fancy!
  52. Pls tell me how much you pay to your ISP each month ?
  53. I want to know if this forum have clever people or not !
  54. Internet Connection
  55. Laplace181 s sex and Atheism
  56. One English Question, kindly Help me pls )))))))))
  57. HoW you overcome Cause and effect Punishment and awards
  58. Laplace181 s poltical view(poem)
  59. Laplace181 s poem on DININA
  60. Stormin Norman
  61. Laplace181 s Persuade
  62. Laplace181 s poem about Beetheveen
  63. I want to know if this forum really has very intelligent person or not !
  64. )))))Bush, send Broker to Iraq.......
  65. heres a hellava good idea
  66. Laplace181 s poem on Tango
  67. LAPLACE S poem on FRANKCO
  68. Laplace181 s poem on affection
  69. Living Sacrifice kicks XXX!
  70. Laplace181 s poem on will
  71. Good News,Good News to all of you who want to be a Hong Kong citizen !
  72. Inactivity
  73. Ugh No more Laplace181 s poems
  74. Laplace181 s poem about religion
  75. Why Bush coward don't talk with Saddam before millions of people being killed !!!
  76. Help me if you can
  77. Is it just me??
  78. To the idiot who send me this "Master Paradise" Trojan from US !!
  79. Saddam!Gear UP to protect your people,the whole world is supporting YOU & ALL IRAQI !
  80. Site about meditation www.har-tzion.com
  81. The best of best country song in the world - pls tell me if it is true pls ))))))))))
  82. Anybody can tell if here has any German here ??? A guy send me Netbus from Germany !!
  83. Laplace181 may be a red idian
  84. pls tell me if you can still order FREEDOM FRIES in MacDonald,hahahaha ))))))
  85. Vietnam War(hope this is the right place)
  86. I bet... I bet you American can't see this in your TV, Bush won't let you see this :-
  87. Laplace s poem on money (a case)
  88. Our Greatest Ally Has Begun The Fight
  89. Analying A Peace Protest
  90. Damn it,I am 100%RIGHT!Bush really do as what I said here! Still 48 hours more...
  91. It Is Almost Over! Rise Up When You See US Troops!
  92. Laplace181 to H.k. Chief( Lung) s case
  93. u all have to see this !
  94. Bully Bush's XXXXXXXX yesterday ! Totally XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX ))))))))))
  95. This Is Not Unilateral
  96. XYOU strongly support Iraq use massive destruction weapons&all ways to fight for win!
  97. Here It Goes!
  98. Who's taking the tourney this year?
  99. Iraq Fires CHINESE SCUD MISSILES He "Didn't Have"
  100. "Fight Iraqis!" XYOU, They're Fighting... For Us!
  101. China sends troops in support fo Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban
  102. XYOU stongly condemn Bush's shameful criminal act and urge Bush to stop war NOW !
  103. sarablaze,why can't see you for a long time, I miss you so much, how are you ?
  104. Laplace181 s poem He is on stage
  105. They're Celebrating! :D
  106. This is quite odd
  107. What a shameful hypocrite - Bush Demands Prisoners' Humane Treatment
  108. Ah ha! "Huge" Bio/Chemical Factory!
  109. Laplace181 s poem 64 requiem
  110. Bush don't need to send agents to go to HK to kill XYOU,XYOU will be a dead guy soon!
  111. Allah Akbar
  112. Bush Junior was and is a COWARD
  113. Interesting E-mail
  114. Long Live Saddam
  115. Bush is being a fool.
  116. Do you people know one of a MUST LEARN subject in your USA military school is.......
  117. A Parking Lot in 30 Minutes...Iraq?
  118. French News
  119. 12 Year Old Sarah's National Anthem
  120. The Pro-War Folk
  121. All Kinds of Free Stuff For E-mail/ Referrals...Help Me!
  122. I NEVER Want To Hear Anyone Say The Iraqis Didn't Want This
  123. What our great China can do when USA becomes A BASTARD? Da ya American knows ???)))))
  124. Iraqi Reaction (Look here XYOU)
  125. The Statue Came Down
  126. using religion as an excuse
  127. anyone here can tell where in the world has no virus, no war,no terroist.........
  128. Some Iraq Facts
  129. Smiley test
  130. Help! Conservatives Wanted!
  131. Laplace181 poem Willington and child
  132. NOW,you know how dirty your gov is, where is the MASSIVE DESTRUCTIVE weapons of Iraq?
  133. whats more important?
  134. Who's Next?
  135. XYOU urge all countries in the world manufacture nuclear weapons soon as possible !
  136. Yay!
  137. Here's Some Hypocracy For You
  138. Patriotism
  139. ad hominem is wrecking debates
  140. Come and See the Bastard side of YOU in the WAR if you're age over 18 !!!
  141. Do you agree some of our human body parts are no use at all !
  142. XYOU... That's Enough
  143. Test for American Citizenship
  144. Best blonde joke
  145. Super soldier
  146. Can Someone Please Help Me
  147. Latin
  148. A very very very good news to you all, hahahaha~
  149. No one miss me here !
  150. Have a blessed day
  151. I think I'm retarded!!
  152. So we aren't supposed to reply to much here?
  153. We Need More People for Debate Tournaments
  154. Staying Up All Night...
  155. Walking with Cavemen
  156. How old are you?
  157. Sometimes Pictures are stronger than words
  158. i'm leaving (temporarily)
  159. Does anyone have any good undelete/unformat/partian utilities
  160. Funny thing about Christians
  161. 1000 Posts
  162. The British are coming
  163. What Happened?
  164. I'm looking for...
  165. For those who are debating me...
  166. Mailing List
  167. Inactivity
  168. Question about avatars and titles
  169. Create Your Own Nation
  170. Debate I've been having
  171. Air Pollution
  172. Is this forum still useless?
  173. I'm back
  174. PLS 'imagine' you were not an American and say something justice for Iraqi PLS !
  175. School Begins, Time Dwindles
  176. Quick Question
  177. Bravo 4Forums.com
  178. My Pet Site Opens Tommorow!
  179. Are you open minded?
  180. american terrorism
  181. The 666 Calculator is your spouse the Antichrist :)
  182. Help Me!!
  183. This is a nice 9/11 flash tribute...
  184. Heads up Lurch
  185. Hi
  186. Credential Embellishment
  187. Beware of SPAMMERS masquerading as those wanting discussion
  188. Best Load for an AR-15?
  189. Brief Advice for Thinking Atheists
  190. Debate Tournaments
  191. I strongly support Iraqi keep on killing USA army in Iraq !
  192. (About Eng Grammar)pls help pls)))))))))))))))))))))))
  193. Democratic Debate
  194. Reloading/Handloading
  195. Molon Labe!
  196. Criminal Background checks
  197. Debate on Evolution or Time Wasting?
  198. Do god pay back and really sacrifly
  199. Who is that Doctor broker had mention
  200. Dr Kissenger s shield
  201. You can tie me down for broker
  202. Hate Speech
  203. God is too subjective
  204. What is a gun hater?
  205. How many ice -cream s barrels
  206. Some english that beyond the aspect of tense
  207. Some words deserve blood to serve
  208. Don't Learn Japanese!
  209. Tell us a bit about yourself.
  210. How to change our usernames?
  211. What makes a good debate?
  212. To miss snow
  213. New member
  214. Sexism is anarchic of peroid but the guilty of christ
  215. Quick Help
  216. Sun and spaces
  217. Theist Paper?
  218. world (metrical poem)
  219. Religious Tolerance
  220. Mr. superbuddhaman
  221. Why People want to believe there is a god.
  222. Does this look familiar?
  223. Tu comprendes espanol?
  224. A test of Love, Loyalty, and Faith
  225. A D in Geometry?
  226. True love making
  227. Chess
  228. money is more important than brain?
  229. One Lonely Little Brain Cell
  230. Faith Vs, Blind Faith
  231. Dude, where's my country?
  232. Clinton + Democrat Candidates
  233. The truth about Human
  234. Public Speaking
  235. Aim
  236. taiwan ---a country?????
  237. Know thy Enemy
  238. I'm Back
  239. War on terror
  240. Moderator Position
  241. Gay gang using date rape drug to sexually assault men.
  242. What if there were only 100 people in the World?
  243. Taiwan spy
  244. creationists
  245. TV-OUT on 4200 graphics card
  246. The Bush Bashers
  247. Presidential Election 2004
  248. China and flowers
  249. Bowling For Columbine....
  250. situations